August 2

Walking with God in the New Year


Sometimes the door we walk through makes all the difference. Writing our story helps us see our life with perspective, sometimes we reframe it, and in doing so, we find healing.

Write Your Story, Heal Your Life (1)

A Memoir of Life with God

Walking with God is what I have loved writing and reading about. This web site was for people who are interested in true stories about watching for God.  But as I’ve written in my most recent post, I have decided not to try to continue this blog. I would love to hear from anyone at my email: if after you have read my posts, you wish to comment. I love walking with God, talking (and writing) about Him, and writing poetry. I hope to improve my writing of poetry this year, and of course to read more of it. Also, I’m planning to read more of Dallas Willard, a Baptist scholar. Join me!

Your companion on the journey,

Carol Roberts