August 10

A New Journey

About a year ago, I began learning about the power of using poetry to generate discussion, motivate writing, and sometimes change a life.  So I am starting a new service offering classes, workshops and retreats for people in the Nashville area.  There is much research in the general area of journal writing and poetry therapy.  Small groups of 6 to 8 people gather to read a poem, savor the beauty of the words, and slowly start to let the poem speak.  I’ve trained for this, I’m excited about it, and I hope to share the joy with others.

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About the Author

I am a grandmother, poet, blogger and friend. I love words and the inspiration they give me. Words educate, communicate, inspire and encourage. If I am invited, I love to lead expressive writing groups using poetry as a catalyst to discussion, writing and possibly even change.


  1. By Linda Barnes on

    How wonderful for you to offer this opportunity to people in your area, Carol. I wish you the greatest success. We know how powerful this work is, and I envy those who will share in the experience with you.


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