December 2


The New Year 2017 holds much joy and anticipation for me. I am in a new writing group forming in Nashville (Nashville Writers House); I am writing my memoir in poetry; I have loving friends and people who smile when I walk in the room. I am blessed.

What I discovered about blogging is that it has become a very big business. Moreover, there are many good blogs out there, both with and without a Christian emphasis. In short, I am letting it go.

If you should have accidentally come across this one and are reading now, you can reach me at I love to communicate about God, poetry and good books, Christian spirituality, writing for healing and I like to read blogs about travel. Also, I have decided to spend more time reading Dallas Willard. He was a Baptist scholar and a professor in a major secular university (USC). I wish I had known about him when I was younger. I had a friend and scholar once who said, “Many of my best friends are dead.” I understand that now.

So Happy New Year and Blessings,

Carol R.

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