July 31


From the outset, I have been aware that of the occasional visitors to my blog there are two general camps.  One is the person with a strong faith in Christ, walking the walk and convinced that God is real and alive and present in their lives.  The other is the person, often a professional man or woman, who somewhere in their past may have heard the Gospel message but for some reason they have walked away.  I wonder if we could get a conversation going.  Believer, if you would be willing, tell us how you found faith and why you stay.  Or if you have been disillusioned or disappointed by someone in the church, and have walked away, talk about it.  Let this be a safe place to share.  After all, what topic could be more urgent?   Those people who are in the field of biblio-poetry therapy know how healing this kind of conversation can be.  Come sit down, make yourself a cup ‘a tea and let’s talk.  Just comment where you see that option below.

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  1. By Sheila Hulen on

    I always enjoy your writings Carol. I have stayed with my faith because my Lord has proved Himself to be many times. From my smallest prayer request to my bigger requests. He watches over me and provides me my needs. I love spending time with my Father. I love when He uses me to help someone. I love my quiet time and my prayer time. I love my Heavenly Father. I am who I am because of Him. Thank you Father God for sending Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. Amen

    1. By carolroberts99 (Post author) on

      Thanks, Sheila. I appreciate your support very much.


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