August 12


As I walk on this journey to blogging, several things are clear so far.  First, all kinds of things can go wrong.  Second, few people are searching on my “key words” – such as healing, expressive writing, etc.  Third, I have learned by reading a blog from the Christians for Biblical Equality that if one types in “rape porn” on Google, one would find over one hundred million search results.  One hundred million rape videos on Google.  The author of CBE’s blog further stated:

“As I speak with churches, I find they are overwhelmed by the effects of porn on their congregations: sexualization of children, widespread addiction, abusive sexual practices, infidelity, broken marriages, intimacy problems, sexual violence, domestic violence, and trafficking.”

She further reported that it’s estimated that one-third of Christian men are so addicted.  It’s hard to know what to do with these facts.  I do know that the Holy Spirit notices and cares.  In one of my first sermons, as I was speaking my prepared message, the thought came into my mind, “pornography.”  I didn’t know what to do with this thought but realized later on that it did indeed come from God.  A man in church that day came to me afterwards and asked me to pray for him.  Later he admitted to me that he was addicted to porn over the internet.  Although he had asked for prayer, when I suggested he shut down the computer if necessary, he refused.

I’m not into preaching sermons any more, but I am into healing—the healing that comes from writing and the ultimate healing that only God can give.  There is forgiveness and healing and freedom when we honestly want to turn away from our sin.  Paul, in speaking to Christians said, “For we must never forget that [God] rescued us from the power of darkness….[therefore] have nothing to do with sexual immorality, dirty-mindedness, uncontrolled passions, evil desire…”  (Paul’s letter to the Colossians.)

There is no way to be rescued except to reach out to the one holding out His hand.  I’ve had a time or two when I had to fall on my face before God and I can tell you that He is a good, good God and He will receive you with open arms.