May 2

Kelly has Grit

The character trait “grit” was mentioned on National Public Radio this weekend as a new way to categorize children.  Why do some survive and thrive difficult circumstances and many do not?  I thought about this when dealing with a little family problem recently.  Sometimes our best efforts (and our not so good ones) result in misunderstandings and hurt feelings.  Sometimes poetry helps.  The following poem is self-explanatory; the name is changed to protect the guilty (or innocent depending on who is reading).

How can I say this in a dignified way?

I am irritated, angry, hurt, annoyed.  How about pissed?  No, too crude.

I am provoked.

My daughter (one of them) has hurt my feelings.

In trying to help, I got caught in the crossfire.

Now she is ignoring me.

The thing is, Kelly has grit.

Kelly has survived her parents’ divorce, his death and an overseas trip cut short;

no money to help her with tuition; cars that broke down and no one there

and who knows what I don’t know?

The thing is, Kelly has grit.

She survived and thrived and persevered.

She is one gutsy lady.

I admire her.

I applaud her.

I appreciate her.

Kelly has grit.