September 20


What did he mean, that man who asked me for water?

“If you knew who it is…you would plead and you would get – living water.”

What did he mean, and why did he seem to look into

my eyes and see everything about me?

I am exposed, and yet–

How did he know so much about me yet there was no

judgment in those eyes,

those eyes, brown lasers of mercy.

What did he say I could have—living water?

Never be thirsty again?

Dry?  Oh, yes I’m dry—parched, split, bleeding.

Could he—that man with the laser eyes—

A man, yes, but what kind of man?

Not the kind I’ve known.

Water my soul?  Quench my thirst?

He said to ask; that’s what He said—ask.

Well, I’m asking.

No, I’m begging.

If you can wash, cleanse, water,

Oh Jesus,