September 26

God is in Plane Geometry

Just finished reading a classic, October Sky by Homer Hickam, recommended to me by my sweet sister, a former junior high librarian.  I have a hard time recommending it to my grandchildren because of how casual sex is, well, so casual.  But it was an inspirational true story about dreams, perseverance, family tensions and love.  Homer taught himself enough mathematics (with the help of a friend) to actually build a rocket; he and his friends were known as the Rocket Boys. There is a  line in this book that intrigued me. The young man woke up one morning and said he knew, he just knew, that God was in plane geometry.  He didn’t elaborate about how he had prayed for help or really add any religious language; he just said what he knew.  There’s also a funny follow-up as Homer attempts to talk to two ministers in his West Virginia town about this.  (You really need to read this, or read it again.)  God is in Numbers and in the Word.

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