August 18

just for fun

Who knew that poetry could be so much fun?  Some very special women at the Madison Station Fifty Forward made me a published writer…well, sort of.  They continued meeting in the writing group we started together after I left them to take a “real job.”  In the spring, the lady who had taken my place as the informal leader called me.  The Wisdom Writers were publishing their first book entitled Spring Wisdom and they invited me to write something with a spring theme.  I thought of one poem whose title I could change and they thought it would fit.  They surprised me later with dinner and a page dedicating their book to me.  In the weeks to come I plan to continue learning more about the actual forms of poetic expression; I find I can remember if I actually write a poem.  But today, just for fun, I include my first published work.

Why I Don’t Spring Clean

I was going to wash the windows

but I’ve got a new book.

It came in the mail today.

Slick, shiny cover; seductive words

I just have to open and take a look

maybe the windows can wait a day.

I was going to dust the cobwebs down

but I’ve got a new book.

It came in the mail today.

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I am a grandmother, poet, blogger and friend. I love words and the inspiration they give me. Words educate, communicate, inspire and encourage. If I am invited, I love to lead expressive writing groups using poetry as a catalyst to discussion, writing and possibly even change.


  1. By Linda Barnes on

    Congratulations, Carol! I celebrate your first publication with you and the wonderful women who were inspired by your work.


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