October 7


Miracle:  I don’t know what your definition is of a miracle, but I have a story that I think pretty near qualifies.  At the dinner table of a very dear friend and her husband last evening, I recalled this incident.  It is one of those “chill-bump” stories–a sense that we are not alone.  Back in the States after ministry in the U.K. and looking for a job, I moved in with my Mom in Central Florida.  I had a few strikes against me.  My husband of two years, Bud Roberts, had died and all our plans to do ministry together vanished.  Further, I had actually given up my association with the United Methodist Church and was coming to them as someone from out of the country (not a minister with tenure).  Further again, someone told me that it would be nigh to impossible to find a job because “everyone wants to come to Florida to retire,” so now I had three strikes against me.   It was not a good place to be. However, I trusted God.  I was still His woman.

Bud was an inventor and his invention had resulted in a new company, and although he didn’t get a patent, he received royalties on his machine. Before he died, the owner of the parent company flew to England to visit us and they had a long talk.  Now in Florida, he called me; I was to receive those royalties for a time.  It took about six months to start earning money and during that time the royalties increased to a sum that would support me adequately.  At just the right time, the checks decreased in amount and soon ceased, but I had been cared for by my Father in heaven who knew exactly what I needed.


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