June 2


Say that every human being

is born with a mystery, a vessel that

hungers and thirsts.

Say no one explains this mystery right away

and each one tries to fill the void with

earthly things

which, of course, never work.


Say there is a great divide

and although omniscient and omnipotent

The One Who Satisfies must find a way

to communicate.  A great Lover who is

limited nevertheless to finding ways

to reveal Himself (or Herself:  the grammar

is itself limited).


Say sometimes a magnificent sunset will do it,

but usually it’s with words.

He has to use the right language, of course;

it’s His fault (there being many).

Say someone hears their name in a song.


Say it’s a halting, hesitating, most definitely awkward

kind of song—a poem.

Say it’s with a poem, and say someone hears their name

like it’s a personal love letter.

Say it’s no accident.

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About the Author

I am a grandmother, poet, blogger and friend. I love words and the inspiration they give me. Words educate, communicate, inspire and encourage. If I am invited, I love to lead expressive writing groups using poetry as a catalyst to discussion, writing and possibly even change.


  1. By Diane Morrow on

    I really appreciate the tone of this–and the notion that a poem can be like a letter between a writer and reader–words as a necessary medium. Beautiful.

    1. By carolroberts99 on

      Diane, I really appreciate your comment. I haven’t forgotten your wonderful new book: I’m getting finances in order after a very busy and expensive month! Cordially, Carol R.


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