August 11

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Dear friends, do you know an older person who has lived a rich, interesting or challenging life?  I’ve talked to many people lately who say they regret not sitting down with that person and asking them to tell their stories.  One of my own grandchildren in his teens told me that he didn’t know I had lived in another country, not to mention what I did there!

I want to encourage you to call them and set up a time for such a talk.  My web site has a helpful book you can download very inexpensively to help you get started on this adventure.   Or write your own story.  Don’t wait for someone to ask you.

If you do, please share your story.  Let’s get a story library started in our families and churches and communities.  We can’t assume the next generation will know what we’ve done, or learned or lived unless we tell them.  (That’s what my son told me.)


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