October 20

Ultimate Healing–Go After It With All Your Heart

The poems people have enjoyed the most in our “Poetry for the Journey” classes are the ones that are entertaining but have a line or two that really speaks to the heart.  Recently we looked at “Advice to Myself” by Louise Erdrich.  I love this poem.  Erdrich advises herself (and us) to “let pink mold collect in the refrigerator,” i.e. let anything go that gets in the way of — and here is the “zinger” — in the way of our pursuing what is authentic.   She says that (of course) we need to decide first what is authentic.  Oh, my.  In biblio-poetry therapy, the goal is healing.   For me personally, there is an ultimate healing and it is when the creature (man or woman) finds herself face to face with her Creator, and knows that he (she)  is loved.  The way to recognize that love is not to earn it or work for it but to accept the Creator’s offer.  The truth is, if we don’t come to terms with a Cross, we keep stumbling (and needing healing).  Once on the other side of the Cross of Jesus Christ, sometimes we do also stumble or fail or suffer, but we know whose we are.  Then other kinds of healing go into the soul quicker and deeper.  After all, who but the Creator has given the gifts of music, art and poetry? I for one am thankful for all the gifts of my Father, and I hope to share them for the rest of my (authentic) life.

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