October 17


Scripture for the Day:  James 1:26, 27

The bit of wisdom I’ve got insofar as building a blog is concerned (that is, a following—I already have the blog) – is to support others who are writing about things I love and believe in.  So in pursuit of blogs I can support, I typed in the name of an author I have enjoyed, Dallas Willard.  I seemed to remember a website.  When I followed a link, however, this man’s work was being denigrated and his general reputation attacked.

The trouble is, this was not a political rant; it was one Christian attacking another one.  As I followed this woman’s posts, I found more vituperation concerning another issue I care about—the role of women in the church.  I woke up this morning wondering what to do.  I mean, what is the Christian thing to do?   I found myself in the book of James, where this author did in fact have some advice.  He said to bridle our tongues—keep them under control, in other words, for words are powerful and can cause great damage.  Anyone can benefit from that advice.  Further, he spoke of “Pure and undefiled religion.”  What is it?  Care for orphans and widows; in other words, be on the lookout for how we can be kind and helpful.  And what else?  “Keep yourself unspotted from the world.”  Clean up your act, in modern language.

This doesn’t tell me everything I want to know but it helped me get through today.  There’s someone in the hospital I need to visit.


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