October 4


I awoke this morning set on committing to pay another $6.99 a month to GoDaddy to help promote my web site, “watchingforgod.com.”  But as I headed for the computer, I seemed to hear something like, “You don’t have to do this; you can support other bloggers who are doing something similar to what you love and believe in.”  I feel like I have been set free.  When I teach my workshop on blogging, I’ll be able to teach folks how to get started on the journey.  But the truth is, the author of a blog needs help to promote their web site.  Some individuals have followers anyway (such as the pastor of a church), and they get the thing going.  Others have a good idea but need to get it out there, and that takes advertising one way or another.  The field of online marketing, I have found, is a big business.

For myself, this “word” I’ve received is part of my own personal memoir and “watching for God” and I’ll be adding it to this blog as record that on October 4, 2016, I was set free from the business of promoting my own effort.  I have already remembered one person involved in helping people write their memoir who also teaches for Nashville Community Education, Deborah Wilbrink.  Her site is perfectmemoirs.com.  It’s beautiful.  She’ll also be teaching a workshop at the Annual Conference of Carnegie Writers in Huntsville, where I’ll be teaching on blogging.  There are others that I’ll be following and sharing from time to time.

For now, I’m going to take a walk.  The air is crisp and made for walking.


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      The class is being held as part of the Carnegie Writers Second Annual Conference. It’s a new group, just having their first conference in Nashville last year. This year (Sat., Nov. 5th) is in Huntsville, Alabama. You can register for the day online. It should be easy to find via Google.


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