October 24


Women’s leadership in the Church is related to the history of civil rights in our country. I thought I could stop caring about this issue, but it seems that I cannot.

Sunday was an amazing day at my local Baptist church. Early morning life group discussed the sorry history in evangelical churches: refusing to let African Americans (called Negroes then) into the church. It’s painful to imagine such a scene: white men and maybe women standing at the door of a church arms folded, frowns on their faces, ready to fight the first black man or woman who tried to enter their church.

Then in worship, our pastor challenged us on the general sin of oppression. He even mentioned “women” once…but no, he didn’t go any further. Did anyone else hear that sermon as I heard it? All I could think about was, “What about the women who have been refused entry into leadership positions in this and other churches?” Our pastor challenged us to fight the oppression we encounter. Lord, help me know what to do. I am listening–and watching–for God’s guidance.

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